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our story

Hampton Trading Company didn’t start the way you might think…It did start with the typical “two childhood friends,” but from there it took a slight left turn. You see, the aforementioned two friends decided to start a cigar company. And they did. 

The company was called Hampton Cigar Company and the two friends were high school buddies, who graduated together in the world-famous Hamptons on eastern Long Island in New York. Now in their 30’s, they were diversified entrepreneurs looking for a new endeavor together. They blended their experience, their ideas, and their proclivities and presto – a boutique brand of cigars. Although their cigars received rave reviews, everyone seemed to be drawn to the logo that they designed – what they coined as a “whale tail anchor”. Who knew? 

Ever-adaptive and creative, the two pals promptly formed Hampton Trading Company – a simple apparel brand featuring their now popular and coveted logo. In 2018, one pal sold his interests in the company, but the other is still at the helm (They’re both still great buddies). That’s really all there is to it. Sorry if it wasn’t all that exciting. Read our Founder’s bio though, you might like it better.


Brian Tymann isn’t your typical apparel company owner. In fact, before Hampton Trading Company was formed, he knew nothing about the apparel business. Nothing. Just like Paulie knew nothing about the restaurant business in Goodfellas. Well, not just like it. Brian operates ethically and legally, but he enjoys a good movie reference and he wanted it in here, so let’s just go with it.

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Once named “One of the 5 People Who Will Change Long Island” by the Long Island Press (which Brian in his modesty calls a grossly over-calculated piece of flattery), he can probably be best described as “eccentrically normal” or perhaps better yet “functionally eccentric.”

He held elected office in Southampton in his late 20’s and currently holds elected office in Westhampton Beach Village. He has owned, and owns, a handful of businesses, has played in the real estate market as well as many rock bands as a drummer, is extremely involved in the community, and is covered in tattoos. He enjoys foraging for edible wild plants and sleeping in the woods with no tent, but also loves public speaking (huh?) and discussing politics and fine bourbons. And cigars, of course. 

Spending time with his wife and two young girls is of utmost importance to him; searching for earthworms in the compost pile and observing butterflies on milkweed are two of his daughters’ favorite activities, which he is ecstatic about. He defines himself as more of a naturalist than an environmentalist, focusing on prevention and preservation over "reactive band-aid fixes". He believes in win-win solutions. In 2020, the Southampton Press, the newspaper of the Hamptons, named Brian “Person of the Year” for his efforts to help those in need during Covid. What started as a personal Facebook fundraiser aiming to raise $500 to shop for 8 local families, turned into an operation where he and two other friends shopped for, and delivered to, dozens upon dozens of families throughout the Pandemic and has raised over $60,000 to date. He is a former Vice-Chair of the Southampton Republican Committee, and is aligned most with libertarian views than any other party, yet refuses to live by a label.  He says “I’m not a libertarian, or a Republican or a Democrat. I’m Brian.” He is also the beer stein holding champion of an Oktoberfest competition, of course. 

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